Improving Education for All – Senator McCoy is a leader in ensuring schools throughout the state are funded fully and responsibly. He is the primary sponsor of a bill that would improve recognition of students struggling with behavioral and emotional health, as well as provide mental health resources for those in need. Senator McCoy took the lead on landmark legislation that comprehensively integrated Native American curriculum in Washington schools.

Keeping Washington’s Environment Safe and Clean – Serving on the Energy, Environment & Technology Committee and as the Vice Chair of the Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks Committee, Senator McCoy has played an integral role in keeping Washington a beautiful and healthy place to live. He has worked on legislation to lessen the risk of forest fires, ensure construction projects use responsibly sourced timber, and reduce the potential for environmentally damaging oil spills.

Supporting Economic Development and Job Creation – Legislation passed by Senator McCoy has led to the creation of thousands of jobs, temporary and permanent, for Snohomish County residents and Washingtonians across the state. Through his efforts broadband access will become a reality for many throughout the state, including rural communities. Senator McCoy has fought for an economy that works for all, co-sponsoring bills to deter wage discrimination and protect Washington’s immigrant workers.

Standing Up for Tribal Communities – Senator McCoy was born in the Tulalip Tribe and has been a strong advocate for American Indian Tribes as the Washington Legislature’s only Native American elected officials. He has passed legislation to create tribal school pilot programs, expand dental care on reservations, and protect the rights of tribal fisherman.